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The Indian Outreach held its first family conference last year with Dr. David Chigurupati, a key Indian Christian leader in the New England region. Families and individuals from different parts of Northeast America attend the annually held two-day Indian Family Conference. This year the theme was from the Gospel of Luke chapter 5:4, where Jesus tells Peter to “Launch out into the deep”.

We invited key Indian leaders from India belonging to an indigenous Christian mission organization called the ‘Friends Missionary Prayer Band’ (FMPB) to share about ministerial work in India and also share from the word of God. Though different sermons were preached, they all revolved around the spiritual dynamics of what it meant for contemporary Christians to be launching out into the deep.

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Steven Vuppula pioneered the idea of catering to the spiritual needs of children and this vision gave birth to the Vacation Bible School here in Nashua. Since 2005, children from the ages of 3- 15 have been attending the Vacation Bible School conducted by the Indian fellowship here. Parents drive their children from parts of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire for this 3-day residential Bible school. Members of our fellowship help in different ways, for e.g. chaperoning, opening their homes to accommodate these children, leading praise and worship, preparing class curriculums, praying for the event, decoration and cooking.

This year, Mrs. Roselyn and Mrs. Dimple focused on the theme beach be-attitudes, basically focusing on the Sermon on the Mount, but in a language younger kids could easily grasp. Mr. Steven Vuppula, who was the teacher for the seniors, had a character study on Naaman, however, he accentuated the character of the slave girl who told Naaman about the prophet Elisha. Apart from fun and having a good time, care is taken to see that children are properly fed with the word of God. High school students are encouraged to pursue holiness and not conform to irresponsible and unholy living. 

On the final day of the program parents of most of children travel from their respective States to catch sight of their children perform skits, songs, play music and recite memory verses.  Not only are our lives enriched by how God works in the lives of these children but we also are glad that parents take personal interest to send their children to hear God’s word and have godly foundations laid in their lives.

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The Indian Fellowship also gets together for a time of practices to sing in different churches. In the past few years we have had opportunities to sing at the Methodist Church on Main Street in Nashua, the Methodist Pastors Conference in Gordon Conwell, the Old Age home in Nashua etc.

For recreation, we as a fellowship have been going out camping every summer for the past four years. We believe that this is a healthy activity for the group because a camping environment or any informal event helps foster better relationships between members of our group.

We also had family Night in March/April 2008, with the intention of reaching out to the needs of families and therefore also use this as an avenue to develop friendship and bonding between each other.

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Christmas Outreach is a time when we present people with the simple message of the gospel through skits, songs, mime, puppet shows etc. Pastor Paul Berube very briefly gives out the gospel message about the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. As a Bible study group we also take part in the Worcester Indian Fellowship Christmas Celebrations program in partnership with New England Christian fellowship. This year we have also decided to have a Christmas Outreach program in Portsmouth, NH.

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