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Weekly Devotionals

Religious Compromises

"For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”- I Cor 3:19-20

As an important business center, Corinth had become a melting pot for different cultures. The influence of Greek Philosophy with its high emphasis on human reason, and other pagan influences carried over into the church society. The influx of diverse moral standards made the cosmopolitan city so well known for sexual immorality that a new term ‘Corinthiazomai’ was termed to refer to this place as a haven for sexual immorality. As a result, the actions of most at the Corinthian church, though common were not right in the eyes of God.

The cultural diversity that surrounds us today carries with it the subtle risk of making us compromise on matters considered widespread, yet violating principles of holy living. Human reason at its zenith ushers in a sense of pride yet distorts the truth apart from the wise counsel of God. Conversely, the course a human mind takes under the direction of the Holy Spirit seems unconventional with secular trends, yet is right in the eyes of God. Let us learn to meekly submit our intellect to the direction of God’s leading so we lead uncompromising lives that bring glory to God.

Contributed by Paul Kumar


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